Essence Circus Confetti meets China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Today I finally am showing you two of my favourite glitter nail polishes, combined together. Meet Dorothy Who? from China Glaze (priced around 6 Euros) and Essence Circus Confetti. I've used three layers of Dorothy Who, and one layer Essence Circus Confetti. Normally I'd use two layers but I didn't have that much time today, so I left it at one. Dorothy Who is lovely but doesn't cover that well, I do like the drying time it has. Circus Confetti (priced 1,79 Euro) is full of colour and nice to wear for a night out or just a fun sparkly day.

Fun, ain't it?


NOTD; New Found Love> KleanColor Black Chunky Holo

From time to time I bump into a brand I've never heard of. Kleancolor is such a brand. But as the nail polish world becomes more and more my playground, I am learning lots and lots about all sorts of brands I have never used before. When I browsed the Internet and bumped into some KleanColor swatches, I was immediatly drawn to this KleanColor Black Chunky Holo. Today I am swatching it for you. This colour works best when you use a black basecoat. I've used Catrice I wear my Sunglasses at Night, which is a one layer covering nail polish that contains some petite glitters. I have used one layer of Black Chunky, lovely, ain't it?

Some orange, some yellow, some green, Chunky Holo has it all. Priced 1,75 Dollar at Beautyjoint.com


NOTW; China Glaze Wild Thing

Wild it is! A fancy red wildly shining nail polish that is classic but not boring at all. I have to say I don't normally wear that much red nail polish, but ah well, as long as its China Glaze, I love it  anyway....

Number 149, China Glaze Wild Thing coveres in two layers, doesn't leave any stripes (which I think is very important) and unfortunately does show tipwear after only half a day. That's a shame, because the colour itself is lovely I think. What about your red polishes, which one is your favourite?