Essence Circus Confetti meets China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Today I finally am showing you two of my favourite glitter nail polishes, combined together. Meet Dorothy Who? from China Glaze (priced around 6 Euros) and Essence Circus Confetti. I've used three layers of Dorothy Who, and one layer Essence Circus Confetti. Normally I'd use two layers but I didn't have that much time today, so I left it at one. Dorothy Who is lovely but doesn't cover that well, I do like the drying time it has. Circus Confetti (priced 1,79 Euro) is full of colour and nice to wear for a night out or just a fun sparkly day.

Fun, ain't it?


NOTD; New Found Love> KleanColor Black Chunky Holo

From time to time I bump into a brand I've never heard of. Kleancolor is such a brand. But as the nail polish world becomes more and more my playground, I am learning lots and lots about all sorts of brands I have never used before. When I browsed the Internet and bumped into some KleanColor swatches, I was immediatly drawn to this KleanColor Black Chunky Holo. Today I am swatching it for you. This colour works best when you use a black basecoat. I've used Catrice I wear my Sunglasses at Night, which is a one layer covering nail polish that contains some petite glitters. I have used one layer of Black Chunky, lovely, ain't it?

Some orange, some yellow, some green, Chunky Holo has it all. Priced 1,75 Dollar at Beautyjoint.com


NOTW; China Glaze Wild Thing

Wild it is! A fancy red wildly shining nail polish that is classic but not boring at all. I have to say I don't normally wear that much red nail polish, but ah well, as long as its China Glaze, I love it  anyway....

Number 149, China Glaze Wild Thing coveres in two layers, doesn't leave any stripes (which I think is very important) and unfortunately does show tipwear after only half a day. That's a shame, because the colour itself is lovely I think. What about your red polishes, which one is your favourite?


Review & Swatches; Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection

Pink Ladies beware, if you love to look Romantic, this Too Faced Romantic Eye palette is worth looking at! I have to be honest, normally I am not the type of girl who wears pink eyeshadow on a daily base, so I was very happy with the light purple, gold and brown colours in this palette as well. You can make all sorts of lovely combinations with this palette. The palette contains 3 basic light shades and 6 other shades. The palette is worth its money simply because the packing is amazing and there is a nice variety between matte and shimmery colours. I will post some EOTD soon! This palette retails for about $36.00/34 Euros.

Too Faced always produces pretty packaging

Light shades, which can easily be used as base colours

My least favourite colours, they do have a nice pigmentation but I am just not that  much into grey or black.

Cut the Cake is a a nice light-grey/lilac combination with a subtile shimmer, First dance is dark purple and matte.

My two favourites, I've used them both a lot already, just because they have such a great shimmer and they are perfect for a natural look.

Let me know what you think
TooFaced products can be bought here;


NOTD; Barry M Lavender Glitter meets Rimmel Pro Lycra

Last week I was experimenting with my nail polish and this is what I came up with. A jeans blue base color (Rimmel Pro Lycra My Denim 425) and three layers of Barry M Hexograms Lavender Nail Paint . It did take me an hour before it all dried, but I was very happy with the result. I do have to say that it took me very long to remove the glitter polish. Well, that's the deal I guess when you use polish that sparkles...


Review; L'Oreal GlamBronze 201 for Blondes

Bronzers, I use them daily. My somewhat white skin needs some colour and without a blusher or a bronzer, I look very pale. My previous bronzer fell (ouch) and I had to throw it away, so I decided to buy this L'oreal GlamBronze for Blondes. Although I am not a blonde, I did like the peachy pink teint this GlamBronze contains, so I decided to go for the blonde version. There is a Brunette version available as well. This bronzer is priced around 15 Dollars/13 Euros/14 Pounds. The bronzer contains a small little brush, that I didn't notice at first, as it is hidden underneath the bronzer itself. A little mirror is hidden there as well. I do think the mirror is unhelpful, as I have to lift up the bronzer to use it and I cannot use the bronzer itself when its standing vertically.

The swatches show an amazing shimmer, all three colour look fabulous! You can blend the bronzer easily, using a big powder brush, but if you want to use the colours individually, I would advice to use a small brush. I have to say my face looks fresh and has a nice, subtile glow to it when I use this bronzer. I love to recommend this L'Oreal Bronzer if you like to add a bit of glow to your face.

Are you into bronzers?


NOTD; China Glaze Outta Bounds

If you love extreme nail polish colours, China Glaze Outta Bounds is one of the nail polishes you don't want to miss out on. I bought this Nail Polish through Amazon, and I absolutely love it. A two layer covering polish, that dries quickly (within 5 minutes my two layers were dry). Although I normally do use a shiny topcoat, this Polish can do without. It shines anyhow. I am curious what you think of this colour.