Review & Swatches; Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection

Pink Ladies beware, if you love to look Romantic, this Too Faced Romantic Eye palette is worth looking at! I have to be honest, normally I am not the type of girl who wears pink eyeshadow on a daily base, so I was very happy with the light purple, gold and brown colours in this palette as well. You can make all sorts of lovely combinations with this palette. The palette contains 3 basic light shades and 6 other shades. The palette is worth its money simply because the packing is amazing and there is a nice variety between matte and shimmery colours. I will post some EOTD soon! This palette retails for about $36.00/34 Euros.

Too Faced always produces pretty packaging

Light shades, which can easily be used as base colours

My least favourite colours, they do have a nice pigmentation but I am just not that  much into grey or black.

Cut the Cake is a a nice light-grey/lilac combination with a subtile shimmer, First dance is dark purple and matte.

My two favourites, I've used them both a lot already, just because they have such a great shimmer and they are perfect for a natural look.

Let me know what you think
TooFaced products can be bought here;


NOTD; Barry M Lavender Glitter meets Rimmel Pro Lycra

Last week I was experimenting with my nail polish and this is what I came up with. A jeans blue base color (Rimmel Pro Lycra My Denim 425) and three layers of Barry M Hexograms Lavender Nail Paint . It did take me an hour before it all dried, but I was very happy with the result. I do have to say that it took me very long to remove the glitter polish. Well, that's the deal I guess when you use polish that sparkles...


Review; L'Oreal GlamBronze 201 for Blondes

Bronzers, I use them daily. My somewhat white skin needs some colour and without a blusher or a bronzer, I look very pale. My previous bronzer fell (ouch) and I had to throw it away, so I decided to buy this L'oreal GlamBronze for Blondes. Although I am not a blonde, I did like the peachy pink teint this GlamBronze contains, so I decided to go for the blonde version. There is a Brunette version available as well. This bronzer is priced around 15 Dollars/13 Euros/14 Pounds. The bronzer contains a small little brush, that I didn't notice at first, as it is hidden underneath the bronzer itself. A little mirror is hidden there as well. I do think the mirror is unhelpful, as I have to lift up the bronzer to use it and I cannot use the bronzer itself when its standing vertically.

The swatches show an amazing shimmer, all three colour look fabulous! You can blend the bronzer easily, using a big powder brush, but if you want to use the colours individually, I would advice to use a small brush. I have to say my face looks fresh and has a nice, subtile glow to it when I use this bronzer. I love to recommend this L'Oreal Bronzer if you like to add a bit of glow to your face.

Are you into bronzers?


NOTD; China Glaze Outta Bounds

If you love extreme nail polish colours, China Glaze Outta Bounds is one of the nail polishes you don't want to miss out on. I bought this Nail Polish through Amazon, and I absolutely love it. A two layer covering polish, that dries quickly (within 5 minutes my two layers were dry). Although I normally do use a shiny topcoat, this Polish can do without. It shines anyhow. I am curious what you think of this colour. 


NOTD; Black Essence Crackle Polish meets W7 and Revlon

Crackle Nail Polish has never been so popular and I love to experiment with it. Today I am showing you a NOTD where I started with Revlon Coconut Kiss as a base colour (I needed two layers because my nails are a bit yellow...). I then added my Black Essence Crackle Polish and when dry, tried to get some Silver W7 crackle on the tip of my nails. Unfortunately that didn't work out too well, the polish didn't crack, I guess because of the uneven black crackle underground. But still, the effect is pretty cool and hard-rock.

What do you like or dislike about this NOTD?


A new Wishlist!

If there's one type of make-up I love most, it is eyeshadow. I have to say my stash is growing and growing but I am a sucker for great looking colour combinations from even greater quality brands. I have been making a lot of eye looks lately and although I can work with the stuff I already have (lots of NYX, Essence, Sleek...) I am always trying to find new an hip palettes or mono eyeshadows. This is my eyeshadow wishlist....I am very curious which product you love most! Let me know and leave a comment...

I am still in doubt which one to buy from these Studio Secrets One Sweep eyeshadows...They cost 9 Dollars which I think is a pretty descent price for three colours, and an applicator.

When I checked out Target.com I bumped into this Trio from Almay. I've never heard of this brand (have you?) but love the dark colour combination this palette offers. Price 5 Dollars

Maybelline offers a lovely range of high pigmented, shiny Eyestudio products. I have been looking at this duo for quite some time now and I guess, this will be  my next purchase...not too expensive either, around 7 Dollars

Which eyeshadow product is on your wishlist? I am very curious and love to hear from you!