Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss swatches

Rimmel launched a new product which I absolutely love! As you might know I have many lipglosses at home. I think my total gloss-stash contains about 20-25 pieces which I think is quite a lot. I love to buy new lipgloss but all my lipglosses have the same problem, they have a small applicator which causes me to dip, dip and dip again into the gloss, to make sure my lips are covered in gloss. I guess somebody knocked on Rimmel's door, telling the brand to come up with something to make applying easier.
So, Rimmel did! The Rimmel Vinyl Max glosses have arrived, containing a very big (the biggest one I've ever seen) applicator! Dip it onces and apply enough gloss in one strike. I love it! I've swatched three colours but there are 6 colours available. This gloss will cost you around 10 Dollars.

I am curious to hear what you think of these Rimmel Vinyl Max Glosses....Let me know!


Swatched & reviewed; China Glaze Trendsetter 1000

Oh boy, that amazing China Glaze Metro Collection....full of cool colours...so addicitive! I already swatched the dark blue Skyscraper  for you, but today it is mustard time! A special colour, and I do have to say, when the colour arrived I immediatly was in doubt if I'd like it. And honestly, I didn't. Not because of the easy to apply, quickly drying polish, but simply because of the colour.  I guess I was Metro-blinded when I order this green/yellow colour, unfortunately it just doesn't look pretty on my nails. So, think twice before you buy a colour like this, only buy it when you are sure you love original colours....This nail polish will costs around 6 Dollars and can be bought through Ebay.
Let me know what you think!

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Swatch Nail Polish China Glaze Skyscraper 989 Metro Fall 2011

Today I received my two amazing new China Glaze nail polishes, from the recently launched Fall Collection named Metro Fall. I couldn't wait to swatch the first nail polish for you, the sprakly dark blue coloured Skyscraper (989). This nail polish covers in two layers, and I was happy to see this polish dried quickly as well. The first layer was completely dry and hard within 3-4 minutes, which I think is pretty quick, and the second layer took another 3 minutes to dry. So, within 7 minutes I was the proud mum of these shiny dark blue nails! Love it! What about you? Have you ordered your Metro Fall Polish yet? This nail polish costs 6,95 Euros/Around 7,50 Dollars