NOTW Swatch NYC 226 Madison Avenue Red Nail Polish

Dear all, got some time on my hands, and it was about time I planted a new post! Today a reddish NOTW, from NYC (New York Colour), the brand we all know for it's budget-proof collection and original product names. I've swatched Madison Avenue 226 for you, a quick drying polish that contains 9,7 ml and costs 2 Dollar/2,29 Euros. I already tried two NYC polishes a few weeks back (Read the review here) but I wasn't too happy about the quality. But well, as I went shopping last week, I decided to give the brand a second chance. And
I bought some new NYC products. I am glad I did, because this red polish is really nice! It dries within a minute and a half, coveres almost completely after one layer, but I'd advice two layers to make sure the polish' shine comes through. When it comes to applying the polish, I do have a comment. The polish is very watery and of thin structure, making it a bit more difficult to apply the polish very precise. I had to use my Polish Corrector quite a lot afterwards. But overall, a good buy!

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