Collection 2000 Glam Metallics eyeliner swatches

About time I posted some new swatches for all my lovely readers...sorry it took me so long! But to make it up to you...some Collection 2000 Glam Eyeliner swatches. I have recently discovered this budget-proof make-up brand and as I am addicted to bright and happy colours, I had to have a few Waterproof Glam Eyeliners from this seasons collection. I bought them through Ebay, but the Collection 2000 brand is also sold at Boots and Superdrug. This eyeliner comes in 6 shades and all colours have a magnificent shimmer and shine to it. They dry really quick (within one minute) and do need some waterproof make-up remover once you start cleaning your make-up. I have swatches 4 colours, Blue 04 Groupie, Green 06 Grunge, Gold 02 Fierce, Purple 03 Ripped. All eyeliners contain 6 ml.


The only eyeliner that is a bit too watery, is the purple one. The three others have a great pigmentation and the colours look sparkly and fun. The purple eyeliner is a bit more difficult to apply, but still the colour is nice to wear. I have worn all of the colours the past few weeks and what I like most is the fact that they are Long Lasting. Once applied (easily done with the small applicator), I don't have to check whether the eyeliner is still on my eyes. It just is. By the end of the day I still have a fashionable eye look. Not bad, especially because these eye liners aren't expensive at all! You pay £2.99 for one eyeliner and at Superdrug, two eye liners of this collection can be bought for £4.99.

Happy to advice these to you, if you like your bright colours
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