NYC nail polish swatches Prince Street & East Village

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After waiting for months, NYC (New York Color) finally has arrived in Holland! This colorful budget brand that is owned by Coty Inc. has many cool and cheap products in their range. What about fake eyelashes? Or the pretty looking duo eyeshadows? Well, as I have finally grown myself some decent nails, I bought two nail polishes from the new NYC collection. I've swatched NYC Turquoise East Village (206)and the Purple coloured Prince Street (247) for you. The polish in the middle is from the XXXL Essence collection and I will swatch this one next week!

The NYC nail polish costs 1,99 Euro and covers in two layers. This range is quick drying and within 203 minutes your nails are dry. After about 5 minutes they feel pretty hard.  I do have to say that the turquoise colour is a bit lighter than you would think seeing the polish on the picture or "live". That was a bit of a dissapointment but overall the price for these funky polishes are low so I won't complain too much ;) The purple colour is amazingly shiny which I absolutely like!

The second and third nail are painted in the NYC colours I am writing about. As you can see the turquoise one is somewhat lighter than I'd expected. What do you think of NYC?          

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Collection 2000 Swatches

Don't you love the Collection 2000 Nail polishes? Not only because they are cheap, but mainly because they are cheap & of good quality! I got myself a few Collection 2000 nail polishes  through Ebay and swatched them for you. I am very curious what you think of these colours! Let me know...

From left to right; Warm Red Maxiflex 94, Hot Looks 15 Foxy, Hot Looks Catwalk 9, Hot Looks lilac pink
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Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Mask, a review

After we rebuilt our home last year, I was not only tired but I was walking around with a dusty face and really wanted to give my skin some sort of treatment. I picked this mask from Montagne Jeunesse to try.

**About this Sauna Mask**

I paid 1.75 Euros for this mask but in the UK you can find it at the pharmacies for 1 Pound. The mask comes in a little plastic sachet, colored purple and pink. On the front side you'll see a woman, covered in red substance (which is the mask) and her eyes are covered with green leaves and red rocks (which I guess makes you think of lava stones). The mask can be used when you have normal, T- zone and greasy skin. I wouldn't recommend it if you have sensitive skin.

**How to use this mask**

I like to scrub my face before using this mask, so I am sure my face is cleaned. Open the sachet and put the substance on your handpalm, now massage it onto your face. You immediatly feel the mask getting warm. The mask smells fresh and a bit like the Montagne Jeunesse Mud masks I also like to use. Make sure when you apply the mask that you do not massage it onto your lips! The mask will stay warm for about 1/2 minutes and after that time you won't notice the heating effect. Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes, so it can really hydrate your skin. The mask won't get hard so it is easy to rinse of.

**My opinion**

I like this mask because I always have a very soft skin afterwards, but the smell isn't my cup of tea. A bit too strong for me. I think the heating effect does give the mask something extra and yes, I'd advise it if you have a dusty and dry skin!

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China Glaze Khrome collection Robotika, a review

As my Blog friends adviced me to buy myself a China Glaze nailpolish because this brand was, acoording to them, amazing, I found myself surfing Ebay a week or two ago, trying to fin my first China Glaze nailpolish. I like metalliccoloured nailpolish so finally decided to buy this China Glaze Robotika. A bit silver/green, very original and worth a try. I paid 5 Pounds for this nailpolish but in most Online stores you'll pay about 8 Pounds for a Metallic Muse China Glaze nailpolish.

First of all I have to say, I never buy expensive nailpolish, mainly because I was under te impression cheap nailpolish has the same quality as expensive ones. I was wrong (and I guess stupid to never trying expensive polish before judging)! This China Glaze nailpolish is more expensive than most polish I've got, but is SO WORTH IT! Why?

* The colour is amazing, original and has a great metallic shine to it
* The nailpolish dries extremely fast (within 30 seconds all my nails werd dry and the polish was rock-hard)
* After a few days of work, the polish hadn't chipped at all! I know, isn't that great?
* The polish covered in one layer

The Metallic Muse collection consists of 6 outstanding and unique colours>
Hi-Tek, Sci-Fi, Millenium, Robotika, Metallic Muse & Devotion.

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Miss Sporty Clubbing colours nail polish review Jet Set Blue

A few weeks ago I was attending a wedding and decided it was time to update my nail polish collection. When I visited the pharmacist I saw the Miss Sporty Clubbing nail polish colors. I bought myself the turquoise one named `pop up`, for only 2,29 Euros / 2 Pounds. I have used it last week and hope you enjoy reading!

**About this Quick dry Nail Polish**
I find it very inconvenient if I have a nail polish that needs 8 minutes to dry. That means I always forget I have fresh nailpolish on my fingernails and after a few minutes I always scratch my nails because I am doing something like opening a can or scratching my face. So I was really happy to see that Miss Sporty has a nailpolish collection that is funky but also dries fast. I checked the drying process today and yes yes, after 50 seconds the nailpolish had dried completely! I was happily surprised!
The nailpolish comes in a glass package, and contains 7 ml.

**My opinion**
Besides the fact that this nailpolish is great when it comes to drying, it also covers really well. I always paint two layers on my nails to make sure the nail polish covers my full nail but with this nailpolish that isn't neccessary at all, it covers well only using only one layer. The scent of this nailpolish is a bit unpleasant but fades away once the nail polish has dried. A funky color for a funky night out, but not a color I'd use daily because it is very much "out there".

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L'oreal infallible eyeshadow 05 Purple Obsession

For all of you who are addicted to purple colours, don't miss out on this amazingly well pigmented L'oreal Infallible eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is available in 8 colours and will cost you around 10 Pounds/12,50 Euros/11 Dollar. The eyeshadow coveres in one layer and has a nice shimmer to it. Depending on the light, the eyeshadow looks either dark purple or lighter purple. That is what makes this eyeshadow special, this colour transformation effect. The eyeshadow stays on the entire day, and at the end of the day it has hardly lost its magic and I need some good cleansing wipes to get rid of the eyeshadow.

Although not the cheapest one around, an amazing eyeshadow that I think you can't miss out on.

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