Nivea Aqua Sensation cleansing gel, a review

Working in a drug-store has some advantages. One of these advantages is, seeing new product before most regular consumers see it. A few months ago the store I work at was stocked with this new Aqua Sensation cleansing gel from Nivea. Of course at that time, it couldn't be sold yet but I did become curious because the bottle itself looked pretty intresting to me. Once the cleanser could be bought, I was the first one to take it home!
General information
Brand; Nivea
Type; Aqua Sensation cleansing gel
Price; 5 Pounds / 4,00 US dollars / 6,49 Euros
Contains; 200 ML
For; Any skin-type

The bottle
As I already said, I immediatly fell in love with the transparant light blue bottle. The bottle looks like a water bottle, but of course you can't drink this gel. On the front of the bottle the Nivea Visage logo is printed. Also, waterdrops are printed on the front of the bottle, giving this bottle an "aqua"look. The bottle is quite long and has a flat top and bottom, so when your bottle is almost empty it can be turned upside down making sure the final drops of gel are also being used. While squeezing the bottle, I noticed the bottle is made of firm material, a bit of a power-squeeze is neccessary to get some gel out.

The cleansing effect
I mainly wear dark eye shadow and black eye pencil, some rouge and sometimes I do use mascara. I expect a cleansing gel to be thorough when it comes to removing all of my make up and I very much dislike the fact that a cleansing gel doesn't entirely whipe off my make-up. The first time I cleaned my face with this gel, I noticed I really didn't need to use that much of the gel itself. A little drop was more than enough to clean my entire face. When this gel comes in contact with water, it immediatly starts to foam. The gel is soft and I feel like I am taking a bubble-bath while cleaning my face with this gel. After rinsing of the gel, my skin feels very soft and relaxed. Besides that I have a very clean skin as well, no make-up left behind, making this gel the first one I've used that could really do what it promises.

My final conclusion

At first I was a bit in doubt about buying this gel, I found it a bit expensive. But because of the nicely looking bottle, I decided to buy it anyway. And I am glad I did! This Nivea product really takes care of my skin, it is easy to use while showering and you don't have to use that much of gel to reach a perfect cleaning effect. Overall, I do think I will buy this Nivea Aqua Sensation gel again, mainly because the gel really cleans my face well. And with the amounts of make-up I wear from time to time, it is a tough job doing a great cleaning job. Happy to know this gel is working for me!

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Mexx Lovesome Eau de Toilette, my opinion

A while ago I bought myself this Mexx Lovesome perfume at the local perfume-store. As I adore Mexx perfumes and I , it was time to complete my collection with this one. 

Brand; Mexx
Type; Mexx Lovesome
Volume; 15 ml (also available in 30ml bottle)
Price; 15 ml - 12 Pounds / 30 ml 21 Pounds

A little bit of Lovesome informationMexx Lovesome was released in 2008, together with the somewhat stronger perfume Mexx Mysterious. Lovesome is the opponent of Mysterious, and both perfumes are in similar bottles and have a similar logo printed on as well as the little box the perfumes are in as on the bottles. The logo of this perfume is the drawing of a big lock, which is heart-formed. Mexx Lovesome is the light perfume (and also had a white little box around the bottle) and Mexx Mysterious is the black, more heavier perfume (and this perfume comes in a black box). Lovesome had been designed as a summery, lightweight scent, focusing on females between 16-35 years old. There is no male variation of this perfume available. Mexx Lovesome is available in s 15 and 30 ml bottle.

As I was already pretty fond of the Mexx Mysterious perfume (the black one) I have had for about a year now, I was pretty curious about this lighter version. This perfume is great to wear on a warm spring or summer day, because the perfume has a nice light, but fresh, fruity scent to it. The first time I tried this perfume I noticed a nice sweet and fresh pear-scent. When I checked the ingredients, I was right, the top-note is pear. This perfume also contains blackberry, vanilla, musk and raspberry. Although I normally think blackberry and raspberry are a bit to sweet for me, in this perfume the fruits combine very well together. When I spray the perfume, I first notice the pear and some vanilla, but during the day, the blackberry scent is clearly there as well. This perfume doesn't cover for an entire day, so I normally spray two to three times in the morning and two times during the day, making sure I still smell fresh.

My final conclusion
I adore this perfume, mainly because the pear scent it has to it is a scent that isn't too extreme. I am never that fond of perfumes that are too sweet and I am happy to tell you this Mexx lovesome perfume isn't too overwhelming. I also think the price of this perfume is pretty nice and that this perfume will work fine for younger girls, but for 20+ girls like me as well. A nice, not too sweet but still fresh perfume from a brand that has become my favourite the past few years! 
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Opening blog, a short introduction

Dear reader,

Welcome to my newest review website "Some kind of opinion".
First of all I'd like to introduce myself. I mean, you do like to know who the nutty professor is who's writing all these articles and reviews. Well, I am a 27 year old girl, yes girl, not women, it makes me feel very, very old,  I am a former teacher, who not only likes to write, but who also is a criticaster when it comes to beautyproducts and make-up. I have been writing reviews for several years now and I am very close with my laptop (no I didn't give it a name yet, but I might this year as it is starting to become my best friend).

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