Essence Circus Confetti meets China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Today I finally am showing you two of my favourite glitter nail polishes, combined together. Meet Dorothy Who? from China Glaze (priced around 6 Euros) and Essence Circus Confetti. I've used three layers of Dorothy Who, and one layer Essence Circus Confetti. Normally I'd use two layers but I didn't have that much time today, so I left it at one. Dorothy Who is lovely but doesn't cover that well, I do like the drying time it has. Circus Confetti (priced 1,79 Euro) is full of colour and nice to wear for a night out or just a fun sparkly day.

Fun, ain't it?


NOTD; New Found Love> KleanColor Black Chunky Holo

From time to time I bump into a brand I've never heard of. Kleancolor is such a brand. But as the nail polish world becomes more and more my playground, I am learning lots and lots about all sorts of brands I have never used before. When I browsed the Internet and bumped into some KleanColor swatches, I was immediatly drawn to this KleanColor Black Chunky Holo. Today I am swatching it for you. This colour works best when you use a black basecoat. I've used Catrice I wear my Sunglasses at Night, which is a one layer covering nail polish that contains some petite glitters. I have used one layer of Black Chunky, lovely, ain't it?

Some orange, some yellow, some green, Chunky Holo has it all. Priced 1,75 Dollar at Beautyjoint.com


NOTW; China Glaze Wild Thing

Wild it is! A fancy red wildly shining nail polish that is classic but not boring at all. I have to say I don't normally wear that much red nail polish, but ah well, as long as its China Glaze, I love it  anyway....

Number 149, China Glaze Wild Thing coveres in two layers, doesn't leave any stripes (which I think is very important) and unfortunately does show tipwear after only half a day. That's a shame, because the colour itself is lovely I think. What about your red polishes, which one is your favourite?


Review & Swatches; Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection

Pink Ladies beware, if you love to look Romantic, this Too Faced Romantic Eye palette is worth looking at! I have to be honest, normally I am not the type of girl who wears pink eyeshadow on a daily base, so I was very happy with the light purple, gold and brown colours in this palette as well. You can make all sorts of lovely combinations with this palette. The palette contains 3 basic light shades and 6 other shades. The palette is worth its money simply because the packing is amazing and there is a nice variety between matte and shimmery colours. I will post some EOTD soon! This palette retails for about $36.00/34 Euros.

Too Faced always produces pretty packaging

Light shades, which can easily be used as base colours

My least favourite colours, they do have a nice pigmentation but I am just not that  much into grey or black.

Cut the Cake is a a nice light-grey/lilac combination with a subtile shimmer, First dance is dark purple and matte.

My two favourites, I've used them both a lot already, just because they have such a great shimmer and they are perfect for a natural look.

Let me know what you think
TooFaced products can be bought here;


NOTD; Barry M Lavender Glitter meets Rimmel Pro Lycra

Last week I was experimenting with my nail polish and this is what I came up with. A jeans blue base color (Rimmel Pro Lycra My Denim 425) and three layers of Barry M Hexograms Lavender Nail Paint . It did take me an hour before it all dried, but I was very happy with the result. I do have to say that it took me very long to remove the glitter polish. Well, that's the deal I guess when you use polish that sparkles...


Review; L'Oreal GlamBronze 201 for Blondes

Bronzers, I use them daily. My somewhat white skin needs some colour and without a blusher or a bronzer, I look very pale. My previous bronzer fell (ouch) and I had to throw it away, so I decided to buy this L'oreal GlamBronze for Blondes. Although I am not a blonde, I did like the peachy pink teint this GlamBronze contains, so I decided to go for the blonde version. There is a Brunette version available as well. This bronzer is priced around 15 Dollars/13 Euros/14 Pounds. The bronzer contains a small little brush, that I didn't notice at first, as it is hidden underneath the bronzer itself. A little mirror is hidden there as well. I do think the mirror is unhelpful, as I have to lift up the bronzer to use it and I cannot use the bronzer itself when its standing vertically.

The swatches show an amazing shimmer, all three colour look fabulous! You can blend the bronzer easily, using a big powder brush, but if you want to use the colours individually, I would advice to use a small brush. I have to say my face looks fresh and has a nice, subtile glow to it when I use this bronzer. I love to recommend this L'Oreal Bronzer if you like to add a bit of glow to your face.

Are you into bronzers?


NOTD; China Glaze Outta Bounds

If you love extreme nail polish colours, China Glaze Outta Bounds is one of the nail polishes you don't want to miss out on. I bought this Nail Polish through Amazon, and I absolutely love it. A two layer covering polish, that dries quickly (within 5 minutes my two layers were dry). Although I normally do use a shiny topcoat, this Polish can do without. It shines anyhow. I am curious what you think of this colour. 


NOTD; Black Essence Crackle Polish meets W7 and Revlon

Crackle Nail Polish has never been so popular and I love to experiment with it. Today I am showing you a NOTD where I started with Revlon Coconut Kiss as a base colour (I needed two layers because my nails are a bit yellow...). I then added my Black Essence Crackle Polish and when dry, tried to get some Silver W7 crackle on the tip of my nails. Unfortunately that didn't work out too well, the polish didn't crack, I guess because of the uneven black crackle underground. But still, the effect is pretty cool and hard-rock.

What do you like or dislike about this NOTD?


A new Wishlist!

If there's one type of make-up I love most, it is eyeshadow. I have to say my stash is growing and growing but I am a sucker for great looking colour combinations from even greater quality brands. I have been making a lot of eye looks lately and although I can work with the stuff I already have (lots of NYX, Essence, Sleek...) I am always trying to find new an hip palettes or mono eyeshadows. This is my eyeshadow wishlist....I am very curious which product you love most! Let me know and leave a comment...

I am still in doubt which one to buy from these Studio Secrets One Sweep eyeshadows...They cost 9 Dollars which I think is a pretty descent price for three colours, and an applicator.

When I checked out Target.com I bumped into this Trio from Almay. I've never heard of this brand (have you?) but love the dark colour combination this palette offers. Price 5 Dollars

Maybelline offers a lovely range of high pigmented, shiny Eyestudio products. I have been looking at this duo for quite some time now and I guess, this will be  my next purchase...not too expensive either, around 7 Dollars

Which eyeshadow product is on your wishlist? I am very curious and love to hear from you!


Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss swatches

Rimmel launched a new product which I absolutely love! As you might know I have many lipglosses at home. I think my total gloss-stash contains about 20-25 pieces which I think is quite a lot. I love to buy new lipgloss but all my lipglosses have the same problem, they have a small applicator which causes me to dip, dip and dip again into the gloss, to make sure my lips are covered in gloss. I guess somebody knocked on Rimmel's door, telling the brand to come up with something to make applying easier.
So, Rimmel did! The Rimmel Vinyl Max glosses have arrived, containing a very big (the biggest one I've ever seen) applicator! Dip it onces and apply enough gloss in one strike. I love it! I've swatched three colours but there are 6 colours available. This gloss will cost you around 10 Dollars.

I am curious to hear what you think of these Rimmel Vinyl Max Glosses....Let me know!


Swatched & reviewed; China Glaze Trendsetter 1000

Oh boy, that amazing China Glaze Metro Collection....full of cool colours...so addicitive! I already swatched the dark blue Skyscraper  for you, but today it is mustard time! A special colour, and I do have to say, when the colour arrived I immediatly was in doubt if I'd like it. And honestly, I didn't. Not because of the easy to apply, quickly drying polish, but simply because of the colour.  I guess I was Metro-blinded when I order this green/yellow colour, unfortunately it just doesn't look pretty on my nails. So, think twice before you buy a colour like this, only buy it when you are sure you love original colours....This nail polish will costs around 6 Dollars and can be bought through Ebay.
Let me know what you think!

       $10 OFF and FREE Shipping Use code: LS1050 - For orders over $50


Swatch Nail Polish China Glaze Skyscraper 989 Metro Fall 2011

Today I received my two amazing new China Glaze nail polishes, from the recently launched Fall Collection named Metro Fall. I couldn't wait to swatch the first nail polish for you, the sprakly dark blue coloured Skyscraper (989). This nail polish covers in two layers, and I was happy to see this polish dried quickly as well. The first layer was completely dry and hard within 3-4 minutes, which I think is pretty quick, and the second layer took another 3 minutes to dry. So, within 7 minutes I was the proud mum of these shiny dark blue nails! Love it! What about you? Have you ordered your Metro Fall Polish yet? This nail polish costs 6,95 Euros/Around 7,50 Dollars


NOTW Swatch NYC 226 Madison Avenue Red Nail Polish

Dear all, got some time on my hands, and it was about time I planted a new post! Today a reddish NOTW, from NYC (New York Colour), the brand we all know for it's budget-proof collection and original product names. I've swatched Madison Avenue 226 for you, a quick drying polish that contains 9,7 ml and costs 2 Dollar/2,29 Euros. I already tried two NYC polishes a few weeks back (Read the review here) but I wasn't too happy about the quality. But well, as I went shopping last week, I decided to give the brand a second chance. And
I bought some new NYC products. I am glad I did, because this red polish is really nice! It dries within a minute and a half, coveres almost completely after one layer, but I'd advice two layers to make sure the polish' shine comes through. When it comes to applying the polish, I do have a comment. The polish is very watery and of thin structure, making it a bit more difficult to apply the polish very precise. I had to use my Polish Corrector quite a lot afterwards. But overall, a good buy!

                                                              Follow Some kind of opinion


Collection 2000 Glam Metallics eyeliner swatches

About time I posted some new swatches for all my lovely readers...sorry it took me so long! But to make it up to you...some Collection 2000 Glam Eyeliner swatches. I have recently discovered this budget-proof make-up brand and as I am addicted to bright and happy colours, I had to have a few Waterproof Glam Eyeliners from this seasons collection. I bought them through Ebay, but the Collection 2000 brand is also sold at Boots and Superdrug. This eyeliner comes in 6 shades and all colours have a magnificent shimmer and shine to it. They dry really quick (within one minute) and do need some waterproof make-up remover once you start cleaning your make-up. I have swatches 4 colours, Blue 04 Groupie, Green 06 Grunge, Gold 02 Fierce, Purple 03 Ripped. All eyeliners contain 6 ml.


The only eyeliner that is a bit too watery, is the purple one. The three others have a great pigmentation and the colours look sparkly and fun. The purple eyeliner is a bit more difficult to apply, but still the colour is nice to wear. I have worn all of the colours the past few weeks and what I like most is the fact that they are Long Lasting. Once applied (easily done with the small applicator), I don't have to check whether the eyeliner is still on my eyes. It just is. By the end of the day I still have a fashionable eye look. Not bad, especially because these eye liners aren't expensive at all! You pay £2.99 for one eyeliner and at Superdrug, two eye liners of this collection can be bought for £4.99.

Happy to advice these to you, if you like your bright colours
Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!


Max Factor Indigo Mist Smokey Eyes, a Review and Swatch

*Introduction* I work at a drug store and we sell many major cosmetic brands. Normally I am addicted to the cheaper budget proof brands like Catrice, NYC and Essence, but from time to time I like to try a somewhat more expensive brand. Not because I think more expensive brands are neccesarily better, but mainly because they tend to invent some new and unique cosmetic products. Max Factor introduced this Smokey Eyes eyeshadow a while ago, and because I love turquoise I decided to buy the Indigo Mist Coloured Smokey eyes eyeshadow. One side of this pen is Turquoise, the other side has a dark purple colour to it. As you can see on the DooYoo picture, there are six varieties of this product available. I would have liked the green one as well, but they didn't sell it at my drug store.

*Max Factor, a bit of information*Origanilly, Max Factor's last name was spelled differently, as Faktor. Max Factor was born in a Poland in the 1870s and because his parents had many children and they couldn't provide education for all of those kids, Max was send to a pharmacist when he was 8, to work there. In 1904 Max started selling his rouges and creames to the public, during the St Louis World Fair. The entire Faktor family had moved to the US by that time. Max kept developing better make-up and around 1914 he managed to introduce make up that wouldn't crackle or cake. Many major movie stars from that time went to the Max Factor make up studio because they loved his make up.

*The smokey eyes effect eyeshadow*
As I wear glasses, I sometimes need a bit darker eyeshadow to make sure my green eyes look a bit more stunning. So, this smokey eyes product seemed pretty nice. When I started to apply the turuoise colour, the somewhat round tip of the pen made it easy to apply the colour thoroughly. I was happy to see that the pigmentation of the turquoise part of this pen, was good. The eyeshadow is creamy and I did use a Gosh Primer before I started applying the eyeshadow, trying to avoid ugly stains. So after applying the turquoise colour, I started to apply the purple colour. And simply said, that was hell...

The colour was okay, dark and had a nice shine, but I kept making stains and just couldn't apply the darker colour decent in any way. Finally after a make up session that took me much longer than I had anticipated, I was of the opinion my eyes looked as smokey as they could get with this product. But... after only one hour, my make up was stainy, looked messy and my eyes felt irritated because the eyeshadow became a bit too liquid and glided into my eyes... No, I wasn't happy at all!

Spring Bundle Discount - Save 30%
*Final conclusion* This product from Max Factor only get two stars, because it simply isn't working the way it should. Especially applying the purple colour was very difficult and the effect I was hoping for, took me a long, long time. I do think the idea of a pen is smart, and the tips of both sides of this smokey eyes pen are useful as they make applying the eyeshadow a bit easier. But this is the only advantage I can think of with this product, as the eyeshadow itself just doesn't show any major quality to me.



Revlon Scented Nail Polish, a unique product

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Revlon, a brand everyone who has any interest in beauty, will know, has introduced a new product. Nail Polish that has a scent to it. Revlon was so kind to send me three colours of this original Nail Polish, and of course I've swatched them for you! I'll start with the yellow one, named " beach" . Price; around 9 Euros/7 Pounds/ 8 Dollars. There are eight colours available.

The colour " beach" is yellow with a hint of lime green. The polish doesnt cover in one layer, but in two and because it dries within a minute or 3-4, I didn't need the entire afternoon off to polish my nails. When I held my nails in the sun, I was stunned by the amazing glance this nail polish has to it. Very impressive I have to say. Well okay, but did the nil polish really smell nice? Oh yes it did. The polish has a bit of a
to it, which can be smelled even three days after polishing your nails. Nice! I kept sniffing at my nails...