Review; L'Oreal GlamBronze 201 for Blondes

Bronzers, I use them daily. My somewhat white skin needs some colour and without a blusher or a bronzer, I look very pale. My previous bronzer fell (ouch) and I had to throw it away, so I decided to buy this L'oreal GlamBronze for Blondes. Although I am not a blonde, I did like the peachy pink teint this GlamBronze contains, so I decided to go for the blonde version. There is a Brunette version available as well. This bronzer is priced around 15 Dollars/13 Euros/14 Pounds. The bronzer contains a small little brush, that I didn't notice at first, as it is hidden underneath the bronzer itself. A little mirror is hidden there as well. I do think the mirror is unhelpful, as I have to lift up the bronzer to use it and I cannot use the bronzer itself when its standing vertically.

The swatches show an amazing shimmer, all three colour look fabulous! You can blend the bronzer easily, using a big powder brush, but if you want to use the colours individually, I would advice to use a small brush. I have to say my face looks fresh and has a nice, subtile glow to it when I use this bronzer. I love to recommend this L'Oreal Bronzer if you like to add a bit of glow to your face.

Are you into bronzers?

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