Rituals Mei Dao Nourishing Body Cream, a review


Rituals is one of my favorite brands when it comes to body creams. Although I have many body creams lying around in my drawer, some have hardly been used, except for the Rituals Body Creams. I have tried almost all sorts available, but the Mei Dao Moisturing Body Cream was new to me. When I ordered some clothes from an Online shop, I received a travel set containing 3 mini sized Rituals Mei Dao products as a present. One of these was this Moisturing Body Cream (30 ml) and as you can imagine, I was pretty curious about this product because of my earlier positive experiences with other Rituals body products. So, after a sunny day outside with no suncream (shame on me, I know) my skin needed some moisturing. And that's when I grabbed myself this Mei Dao cream.


The cream itself is white and feels smooth when you massage it onto your skin. The cream can be used for your entire body and contains some perfume and smell like White Lotus. The cream has a subtile scent to it, a bit flowery and sweet but not too extreme. I have to say within a minute after massaging the cream onto my skin, my skin felt extremely soft and silky! I wasn't surprised, most Rituals products make my skin feel really soft after using them and this one isn't an exception to that. My skin kept feeling soft and smooth the enitre day, and I didn't even use that much cream. A big jar will cost you 14,90 Euro and that isn't cheap, but I can tell you this, this body cream is worth its money...

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