Revlon Scented Nail Polish, a unique product

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Revlon, a brand everyone who has any interest in beauty, will know, has introduced a new product. Nail Polish that has a scent to it. Revlon was so kind to send me three colours of this original Nail Polish, and of course I've swatched them for you! I'll start with the yellow one, named " beach" . Price; around 9 Euros/7 Pounds/ 8 Dollars. There are eight colours available.

The colour " beach" is yellow with a hint of lime green. The polish doesnt cover in one layer, but in two and because it dries within a minute or 3-4, I didn't need the entire afternoon off to polish my nails. When I held my nails in the sun, I was stunned by the amazing glance this nail polish has to it. Very impressive I have to say. Well okay, but did the nil polish really smell nice? Oh yes it did. The polish has a bit of a
to it, which can be smelled even three days after polishing your nails. Nice! I kept sniffing at my nails...

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