NOTD W.I.C. Herome Purple meets Essence Cherry Red

As my nails are growing longer and longer, my nail polish collection gets bigger and bigger...and I tend to experiment more and more with all sorts of colours and designs. W.I.C. Herome send me two cool nail polishes last week, to test, and one of them was Light Purple, a colour I love to wear. The W.I.C. polish named Rabat dries pretty fast (about 2 minutes) but it isn't a quick drying polish. I needed two layers to cover my entire nail, and after these two layers the polish looked amazing and had a great shine to it! The polish became rock hard as well,which was a pleasant surprise.  The Cherry Red Essence Coulor & Go  polish also covered in two layers, which surprised me as most of the Essence products from the quick drying collection need 3 and sometimes 4 layers and aren't my favorites at all. I made some polkadots, and added a Sally Hansen top coat, to make sure my nails wouldn't damage that quickly. What do you think of this eperiment?

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