NOTD China Glaze 688 Delight, a swatch!

As you all know I am an Ebay lover. I like shopping there, simply because original products are sold there for prices that are generally lower than in regular stores. And well, I live in a tiny country named Holland, so we just don't have all the cool stuff you USA and UK citizins can buy...so, got myself a few cool new China Glaze nail polishes. I will swatch them all this week, but will start with a swatch of number 688 Delight, from the Romantique collection. Let me know what you think!
As you can see this China Glaze polish is pretty fancy and stylish, and has a hint of bronze in it. Besides that the nail polish has an amazing shine to it, especially when you are in the sun. I do like the teint but I will not be wearing this colour a lot. I think it mainly is a Fall colour and I prefer to wear lighter polishes during the Spring and Summer. The polish coveres really well, I only needed one layer and besides that the polsih dried within a minute and a half. Well worth my money, I have to say.

More swatches to come this week...

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