Max Factor Indigo Mist Smokey Eyes, a Review and Swatch

*Introduction* I work at a drug store and we sell many major cosmetic brands. Normally I am addicted to the cheaper budget proof brands like Catrice, NYC and Essence, but from time to time I like to try a somewhat more expensive brand. Not because I think more expensive brands are neccesarily better, but mainly because they tend to invent some new and unique cosmetic products. Max Factor introduced this Smokey Eyes eyeshadow a while ago, and because I love turquoise I decided to buy the Indigo Mist Coloured Smokey eyes eyeshadow. One side of this pen is Turquoise, the other side has a dark purple colour to it. As you can see on the DooYoo picture, there are six varieties of this product available. I would have liked the green one as well, but they didn't sell it at my drug store.

*Max Factor, a bit of information*Origanilly, Max Factor's last name was spelled differently, as Faktor. Max Factor was born in a Poland in the 1870s and because his parents had many children and they couldn't provide education for all of those kids, Max was send to a pharmacist when he was 8, to work there. In 1904 Max started selling his rouges and creames to the public, during the St Louis World Fair. The entire Faktor family had moved to the US by that time. Max kept developing better make-up and around 1914 he managed to introduce make up that wouldn't crackle or cake. Many major movie stars from that time went to the Max Factor make up studio because they loved his make up.

*The smokey eyes effect eyeshadow*
As I wear glasses, I sometimes need a bit darker eyeshadow to make sure my green eyes look a bit more stunning. So, this smokey eyes product seemed pretty nice. When I started to apply the turuoise colour, the somewhat round tip of the pen made it easy to apply the colour thoroughly. I was happy to see that the pigmentation of the turquoise part of this pen, was good. The eyeshadow is creamy and I did use a Gosh Primer before I started applying the eyeshadow, trying to avoid ugly stains. So after applying the turquoise colour, I started to apply the purple colour. And simply said, that was hell...

The colour was okay, dark and had a nice shine, but I kept making stains and just couldn't apply the darker colour decent in any way. Finally after a make up session that took me much longer than I had anticipated, I was of the opinion my eyes looked as smokey as they could get with this product. But... after only one hour, my make up was stainy, looked messy and my eyes felt irritated because the eyeshadow became a bit too liquid and glided into my eyes... No, I wasn't happy at all!

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*Final conclusion* This product from Max Factor only get two stars, because it simply isn't working the way it should. Especially applying the purple colour was very difficult and the effect I was hoping for, took me a long, long time. I do think the idea of a pen is smart, and the tips of both sides of this smokey eyes pen are useful as they make applying the eyeshadow a bit easier. But this is the only advantage I can think of with this product, as the eyeshadow itself just doesn't show any major quality to me.


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